How To Choose Men’s Shirts

The shirt is a mandatory fashion item for men, it’s nowhere else to go (especially dating) using only T-shirts, unless you’re still runny. How do you choose the right shirt? Calm down, the price won’t fall expensive as long as you are good at looking for it.

1. Fit on the body

Pay attention to the shoulder stitches on the shoulder, in general if it fits at the end of the shoulder, that means the shirt is right for you. Don’t use an oversized shirt because it doesn’t show authority, as if your shirt is bought by mom. Because mothers often buy oversized clothes for their children so they can be worn longer. But you are ADULT! So look for the right size for your body, for example, intersecting fit or muscle fit.

2. Material

Choose a shirt with a mixture of cotton and polyester. Cotton absorbs sweat, polyester makes shirts not easily tangled and easily ironed. Shirts made from pure polyester don’t even need to be distilled at all, but tend to be hot when used and don’t absorb sweat.

3. Color

Try to have a dark and light shirt. Dark colors for formal events such as meetings and shows, bright colors for semi-formal and casual events. It could be when dating wears a dark color, but it doesn’t sound relaxed and tends to be serious. The use of bright colors at formal events is more appropriate when paired with a knitted sweater or dark suit.

Avoid light brown color, because you will look like a village employee. Also avoid the sarong motif. In general this is a checkered shirt, but with different motifs and colors with a sarong or tablecloth. To be safe, look for shirts with small squares or patterns that don’t stand out.

4. Combination

Every man must have a short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirt. Long sleeves are more flexible, when you want to be more relaxed, your arms can be rolled up. Short-sleeved shirts, although dark in color, are still casual.

5. Amount

Four is the number of shirts that must be owned. Two long-sleeved shirts, each dark and bright, and two short-sleeved shirts. Surely you don’t want to wear one shirt in the same week in one right?

Guys, don’t be lazy to upgrade your appearance because it’s directly proportional to respecting yourself. People do judge a book by its cover, and the cover reflects what’s on the inside.

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